About Us

Bray Business Advisor Group is a mergers and acquisitions firm focused solely on the sale and acquisition of mid-market businesses located in western Colorado. We have over 40 years of experience in business transactions and business ownership. We are supported by a staff of experienced personnel and the combined resources of Bray and Company and our 75 years of service to Western Colorado businesses and residents. As the premier Business Brokerage Service in Western Colorado, we manage the full spectrum of industries including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Business/Professional Services
  • Recreational
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction Services
  • Retail
  • Environmental
  • Food Services
  • Technology
  • Communications
Bray Business Consulting Team

Business owners need to begin early to prepare their business for an eventual sale in order to maximize the potential value of their asset and streamline the sales process. Bray Business Advisors Group can lead each seller and his or her unique business through the process of understanding their options, outlining strategic steps, and identifying ways to avoid the stumbling blocks in the negotiations and closing process.

Selling a business is often the most important transaction a business owner will undertake. We enjoy working with sellers through this process and building a complete knowledge of your business. Guiding the seller through this process and aligning past performance with future expectations, allows the seller to maximize the value of their company.

Buying a company is a complex process. Bray Business Advisors Group understands the importance of meeting your specific acquisition and investment criteria, identifying prospective firms based on cultural alignment, and making sure you avoid pitfalls along the way. Our team works to help you target the right company and complete the transaction in the most advantageous and efficient way possible.

When you choose Bray Business Advisors Group, you gain real-world advice from a trusted partner that understands the transaction marketplace. We act as an extension of your financial or business development group, and we endeavor to take all the uncertainty out of the process and allow you the time to operate your business.

Bray Business Advisors Group is a separate division from Bray Commercial Real Estate. However, many business sale transactions involve real estate assets. The Business Advisor Group has the distinct advantage of partnering with Bray and Company’s commercial team and their extensive knowledge of the region’s commercial real estate market to maximize the value of the Sellers business assets.

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