Bray Business Advisor Group offers business evaluations for business owners seriously considering selling their businesses. We are not a “certified” business valuations firm. See link to an explanation and designations below.

Bray Business Advisors Group evaluations provide a range of value for your business, typically using between two and five valuation methods common to the industry group in which the company resides. The sole purpose is to provide the business owner an accurate estimate of the current value in the marketplace.

Some of the methodology used, depending on industry, business type and business size are: EBITDA multiples, SDE (seller discretionary earnings), prior relevant transactions, asset value, and industry specific formulas.

If real estate (land and/or buildings) are part of the business value, Bray Business Advisors will work with Bray Commercial brokers to establish an estimated value for the real estate assets.

A business owner seeking a valuation from a certified source can find an explanation of the four certification types at this link.

Documentation Needed for a Business Evaluation?

The first step requires an interview with Bray Business Advisors regarding the corporate history and the status of the business. The following documentation will also need to be provided for further evaluation:

  • Three Years Trailing Company Tax Returns
  • Three Years Trailing Annual Profit and Loss Statements
  • Current YTD Profit and Loss Statement
  • Current and Updated Balance Sheet

There may be additional items requested throughout the process.

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